This 2022, you should start integrating modern styles into your home. While this may sound very contemporary, this actually provides a lot of benefits.   

Especially your doors, the exterior creates an impression to the guests and visitors; and if you are planning on selling your home in the future, this adds to the house’s value and appeal. We understand it. As homeowners, we tend to be fixated on the appliances and all practical aspects of our homes, so we opt to purchase new appliances and modern technology to make things more convenient. But come to think of it, doors also provide security besides aesthetics. And this is why you should invest more in them.  

Here are the top reasons why you should consider a door replacement:  

The first and the most important reason is that a new door improves your house’s security. God knows the cracks and deteriorating materials of the old door have made it brittle, compromising your security. Especially when you have wooden doors, you need to consider that its material is organic and therefore deteriorates over time. One strong kick and the thief already has access to your home and possessions. If you have children or when you are living alone, upgrading your door (and windows) is one practical piece of advice for security improvement.   

The second reason is it enhances aesthetics. As mentioned, your guests always go through the main door when entering your home. This is why it is one of the most exposed parts of your exterior. Who wants to be welcomed with a faded and warped door? None. So, upgrading it will make a lasting impression on the guests. Moreover, you may hit that deal if you are selling your home.   

The third reason is it effectively improves energy efficiency in your home. Doors and windows, when damaged, serve as a way to leak outdoor air. If you have HVAC system, then you know this is a huge problem with your utility bills. Doors and windows serve as good insulation that trapped the indoor air and prevents outdoor air from leaking in. When indoor air leaks, your HVAC system needs to double its cooling or heating power to avoid compromising the indoor quality, which leads to more energy consumption.   

The fourth reason is to have something new this 2022. A new year means a new beginning, and you can start this by replacing your door. Some people believe that this results in good luck as the door serves as a portal to money and opportunity. Well, although this is not always true and success is always determined by hard work, this might bring a placebo effect to you. There is nothing to lose anyway.   

In 2022, you can integrate more modern home styles to keep you within the trends. You can start with your exterior or the parts that are often exposed to people. Specifically, start with your door, window, and exterior paint and go your way through the interior elements.   

If you think we missed some important information, comment below and let us start a conversation!