Homeowners oftentimes overlook how important it is to invest in the attic, especially attic insulation. They think that it is just a storage room where you throw everything that is not of use anymore. The thing is, the attic is more than just a storage space; it provides a protective layer that prevents heat, cold, and humidity to enter the house, therefore preventing further damage that can happen. As homeowners, it is a need to insulate your attic because it can affect your safety and health.   

Moreover, the NAIMA reported that more than 90% of family houses in the United States have insulation in their attic. So, if your house does not have any attic insulation, you will need to think twice and install one immediately.  

But why is it really important to have attic insulation? We will share with you important reasons so stay tuned.   

The first reason is that you will have better indoor air quality. As mentioned, when the attic does not have insulation, heat, cold and humid easily enter the house and they potentially compromise the indoor air quality. It is not just temperature that enters and penetrates the ceiling and roof but also dirt, dust, mold, and mildew that mix in the air that you breathe. When these pollutants accumulate in the air, this results in bad air quality in the house. To make matter worse, a bad indoor quality can make the family sick or trigger some respiratory illnesses. For instance, if you have a family member suffering from asthma, this indoor air quality can trigger asthmatic occurrences. Moreover, these pollutants can cause skin rashes, eye reddening, and even serious respiratory illnesses when exposed for a long time.   

The second reason is you will protect your HVAC from getting damaged doing too much work and using too much energy. When attic insulation is damaged or absent, this can cause your HVAC system to work harder than the usual to make the house cold or hot when it needs to. Without proper insulation, outdoor air leaks into the house and vice versa. And again, this doubles the work that the HVAC system needs to accomplish. When the HVAC works harder, the more it becomes susceptible to damage.   

Let us say your HVAC is sturdy and does not wear out despite too much work to do, you still cannot escape the reality that it will still use a huge amount of energy. Thus, increasing your energy bills. To prevent all these, good and efficient insulation must be installed and maintained.   

The third reason is it improves the house’s safety. Your insulation does more than ensuring a good indoor airflow and quality; it also protects the whole family. When the insulation is faulty or absent, this leads to humidity and water leaks that cause wall and ceiling deterioration. Worse, when leaks are not addressed immediately, this may lead to not just wall destruction but also foundation damages. When this happens, your house becomes brittle and God forbids it, accidents can happen.   

With all of the reasons we provided above, it is really evident how attic insulation can make a difference in your house.